Friday at the MotoGP. Always a great atmosphere and amazingly for the island, the weather was absolutely fantastic. No wind – which is very rare – so with the sun shining and about 25 degrees it was perfect. This of course makes for very contrasty conditions, but i managed to get a lot of shots of Rossi and a few of Stoner from various parts of the track. Here are a few quick shots of the day and will post some of the better ones in my Movin and Groovin file once i get a chance to sort them. It looks like race day is going to be windy with a chance or rain, while Stoner looks like he has it won already.

Old Rossi Yamaha Phillip Island TShirts available here

Old Rossi Yamaha Phillip Island TShirts available here

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The Impossible Project has given thousands of Polaroid owners a reprieve from rendering their cameras useless.
A group of former employees have started the project to save this pre-digital instant imaging company from the scrap heap. While the film is still horrendously expensive (8 images a pack for $28), for certain projects or for those with an interest in pre-digital photographic technology, this reprieve has allowed people to continue to use their cameras. I recently bought a low end polaroid 636 close-up and three packs of film to experiment with. I am currently evaluating projects worthy of my 24 initial shots! Polaroid cameras can still be found very cheaply on ebay, starting at around $20, but with the more sought after SX70’s going for closer to $100.
I will post some shots here once i have found my project idea.

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Docklands Rising


Vertical seems to be the way to go at Docklands. I love all the elements that are coming together in the area.
Cranes, light poles, buildings and the ever present columns of the Bolte bridge as a backdrop.

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My Updated Website

My new website is being updated and should be finished by the end of June 2011. Featuring a shopping cart and paypal functionality, all images will be able to be bought online in sizes ranging from A4 up to A2, including signed limited editions handmade by the artist. Printed on Canson Museo paper, one of the finest photographic papers on the market today, the quality of the images is first rate. Remember to bookmark this site and visit regularly, as updates and new images will be available regularly.
Mark Higgins, Melbourne Australia.

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