Nikon D800


The much anticipated Nikon D800 was finally announced this week after probably the most bad luck ever inflicted on a new camera release.

First the Japanese tsunami affected the Nikon Sendai plant and once manufacturing transferred to the Thailand plant, the facility was under water for nearly three months! Sendai is now back in action after $100 million dollars in repairs and hopes to produce 30,000 D800’s a month according to this article. Still, the constant D800 speculation kept everyone excited until enough was enough and people stopped listening. Looking back at some of the “imminent release of the D800” posts going back to 2010, the torture was unbearable! Natural disasters aside, I have been waiting over 18 months to get my hands on the D700 successor and we are nearly there. My only early reservation is the 36mp sensor. Will it have the same low light capabilities of the camera it replaces, the spectacular low light performer, the D700?

Will the current crop of lenses be up to the challenge of the 36mp sensor? Who knows, too early to tell but i certainly look forward to more reviews.

Now, what lenses do i put on it? To start with i need a wide angle for landscapes. Two Nikon options are the 16-35 F4 VR or theĀ Nikkor AF-S 14-24mm f/2.8G ED. The only thing i don’t like about the 14-24 is it can’t have filters attached due to its bulbous glass.

I know my head is going to hurt over the next month going through the options while i wait for its release. Here are some links to reviews.

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